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Last weekend we spent about 2 hours closing down our community garden plot.  This meant pulling up all of tomato, pepper, eggplant, and kale plans.  It also meant pulling up all of the flowers we used for our wedding.

This summer’s garden was much more productive than the garden I had last year, the hot summer may have something to do with that.

Peppers (bell and hot)

This year we harvested about 30 pounds of peppers (both hot and bell peppers).  Last year we only harvested a couple of pounds.


This year I probably harvested about 40 pounds of eggplant.  Last year, I only harvest a couple of eggplant at the end of the season.


The tomato plants were also very successful this year. We were able to make several rounds of pasta/pizza sauce.  Last year’s harvest was also successful but not like this year.


As I mentioned above the flowers we grew did very well. Some of the zinnia plants were about 5 ft. when we cut them down.  We were able to make several bouquets throughout the summer.

Stay tuned for pictures and recipes…

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On the Thursday before our wedding Natalie’s mom (Cindy), Natalie, and I headed over to the garden to harvest the flowers that we would use for the bouquets, decorations, and table centerpieces.  When we arrived here is what the flowers looked like:



Bells of Ireland

red zinnia

We spent about an hour cutting the best zinnias, bells of ireland, snapdragons, and rudbeckia.  Here are some pics post-cut:

buckets of wedding flowers

buckets of wedding flowers

Rudbeckia and Bells of Ireland

me with the wedding flowers

Natalie and I with our wedding flowers

We then headed home to arrange the flowers for the centerpieces and bouquets.  Natalie’s sisters, Olivia and Lindsay, helped out with this step:

Olivia (left) and Lindsay (right) arranging a bouquet

Lindsay arranging the centerpieces


Completed centerpieces

Natalie with her bouquet

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