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Well it is now the end of July and I am just now blogging about the summer garden.  I realized that with all of the work that is required in a garden during the first 6-8 weeks it is easy to see why I haven’t had the time to blog.  For all of my loyal readers, I will be posting a couple times a week for the rest of the summer.  I will post updated pictures, give descriptions of the heirloom veggies that I am growing and much more…

Below is an image of what the garden plot looked like on Day 1 (May 8):

Here are some pictures of the garden taken just a few weeks ago:



Potato box

Tomato row

Jericho lettuce




Stay tuned, for more pictures and descriptions of the Summer 2011 garden

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Over the past couple of weeks we have harvested about a dozen radishes and about a dozen onions

Last night we also harvested our first bunch of lettuce.  This lettuce (Jericho) was purchased as  starters from the A2 Farmer’s Market in mid-May.

Meanwhile, the potato plants continue to mature.  Last week I added 2 more boards on each side of the potato box.

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