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Today was a historic day in the United States, the health care bill was signed into law by President Obama. I loved Vice President Joe Biden’s reaction (NSFW language).

There is one aspect of the new bill that will go into effect immediately.  Any restaurant with more than 20 locations will now have to include calorie counts on their menu boards.  This means that more than 200,000 fast food and other chain restaurants will have to include these counts on their menu boards, menu, and drive-through boards.

Personally, I think this will be a huge step to reduce the obesity problem in this country.  When someone heads to McDonald’s and is deciding between a cheeseburger and a Quarterpounder w/ cheese, having the caloric information listed on the menu may save the person 210 calories and 14 g of fat if they go with the cheeseburger.  Hear both sides of this debate by watching this discussion that was on CNBC today.

To the readers of my blog, what do you think of this provision in the health care reform bill?  Leave your comment(s) below…

Just a reminder, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution premiers this Friday 8:00 on ABC.

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