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On Saturday, I started 4 varieties of lettuce seed:

I picked up a seed packet for Freckles lettuce because of an article I recently read in Organic Gardening magazine about the history of this heirloom lettuce.  Freckles lettuce is also known as ‘Flashy Troutback’, an Austrian heirloom that dates back to 1793.

This will be the second year that I have grown ‘Jericho’ lettuce. Last summer I picked up some transplants from the farmer’s market and had great success with this lettuce. Here are a couple of pics. from last summer’s harvest.

The seeds are now living up on our loft for the next month or so.  Stay tuned as I will update the status of these lettuce seedlings. Here is a photo of the tray of seeds.




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2011 Garden

The 2011 garden season officially opened today as I  renewed my community garden plot at Hunt Park.  Over the next few days I am going to  inventory  the current stock of vegetable seeds, and order seeds of new things I am going to grow this summer.

This weekend I am planning to start some lettuce, spinach, and kale seeds inside.  Hopefully, they will be mature enough to transplant when the community garden opens in mid-April.

Stay tuned, as I hope to have my seed list up in the next couple of days.

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