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The community garden officially opened last Thursday evening.  One of the first things we did was  measure out each of the individual plots.  I decided to switch things up a bit from the last garden map that I drew up a few weeks ago. Here is the new map:

As you can see we decided to devote more area for our wedding flowers. We now have 4- 5′ x 4′ plots at the east end of the garden. We will also have 2- 3′ x 6′ plots for the black-eyed susans (Cherry Brandy and Goldilocks). There will be 2- 4′ x 24′ plots that run down the length of the garden. Tomatoes will be planted here. In the middle of the garden we will have 5- 5′ x 5′ plots. One will be for lettuce, one for broccoli/kale, two for herbs (cilantro, basil, oregano, and rosemary), and one for peppers and eggplant. The 6 pepper plants will be planted in the Earth Box. Finally, we will plant our carrots and beets up the entire length of the two tomato plots.

I will post pictures soon…


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Dirt! The Movie

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In a recent episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (Friday’s 9:00 p.m. ET on ABC), Jamie entered a classroom and asked the students to name the produce that he was holding up.  What followed is both hilarious and frightening…

Please sign Jamie’s petition by clicking the box on the right or follow this link.  He is hoping to take this to Capitol Hill with at least 1 million signatures in an effort save cooking skills and improve school foods.

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Seedling update…

The tomato seedlings are now a few weeks old and are really starting to take off as most now have their true leaves.  Below are some photos taken about a week apart.  Notice that some of the plants still have their cotyledon (the little seed sack attached to the first set of leaves).

-What a difference a week makes…  The photo on the left was taken on March 23, about 9 days later the plants begin getting their true leaves.

-I love these 2 photos, again shot about 9 days apart. Notice the additional set of leaves on the tomato plants on the right.

-The photo on the left was taken after 1 week,  the cotyledon still attached.  At this point in the plant development it is still getting its energy from the reserves stored in the seed.  The photo on the right was shot 9 days later. The cotyledon is gone and it has its true leaves. The plant is now getting its energy via photosynthesis rather than the energy stored energy in the cotyledon.

To see more photos click on the links below:

Seedlings on March 23

Seedlings on April 1

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