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Starting the seeds

I spent this afternoon sowing seeds. I sowed the pepper seeds (5 varieties), tomato seeds (5 varieties), red onions, and eggplant. I used a sowing mix from Downtown Home and Garden and then watered the seeds with some compost tea.

The seeds will now live up on the loft for the next couple of months.

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Seed swap/trade

On Thursday (3.26) evening we did our seed swap/trade. Karen and Justin were very gracious to host our seed swap and served some great sweet tea.

We had 27 vegetables/herbs to distribute among 8 people so it did take some time, but we created an assembly line and got the job done pretty quick. After we finished everyone had their share of herbs and veggies to grow this summer.

Here is a picture of all the seed packs before distribution:

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Here is a layout of the White House vegetable garden


Also here is a great blog post from A. Siegel, and an article from the NY Times about the new garden at the White House, very exciting stuff!



The amazing thing to me is that the entire cost of this project is only $200 for the seeds, mulch, etc…

Upon reading about the garden at the White House this week, I felt inclined to email President Obama through the whitehouse.gov website. I hope to hear back from President Obama and will share what he has to say.

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Today at 7:44 a.m. was the official start of Spring. In Ann Arbor it was a balmy 20-degrees, but it is supposed to be in the 50’s this weekend perfect for doing to preliminary yard work.

Here is a great article that I read last night, the White House is getting a vegetable garden. Thank you Michelle Obama!


Gardening is civil and social, but it wants the vigor and freedom of the forest and the outlaw. ~Henry David Thoreau

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Here are some tips on when and how to start seeds inside:




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The seeds have been ordered

The seeds have been ordered and will be here sometime next week. I have listed everything we are growing below.

Everyone seemed pretty excited on Friday to begin the growing season. We added a few things to the list and will probably each buy a few more seeds at the Farmer’s Market, but now we are just waiting for warmer weather. Although it is supposed to be in the upper-50s today and mid-60s tomorrow.

Tomato, Green Zebra , Packet 50 seeds
Tomato, Austin’s Red Pear OG, Packet 25 seeds
Tomato, Crnt Gold Rush OG, Packet 25 seeds
Beet, Chioggia , Packet 100 seeds

Beet, Burpee’s Golden , Packet 100 seeds
Beet, Detroit Dark Red , Packet 100 seeds
Pepper, Orange Bell , Packet 50 seeds
Pepper, Aurora OG, Packet 50 seeds
Pepper, Bull Nose Bell , Packet 50 seeds
Lettuce, Red Romaine OG, Packet 250 seeds
Squash, Black Beauty Zucchini OG, Packet 25 seeds
Herb, Cilantro , Packet 250 seeds
Eggplant, Rosa Bianca , Packet 50 seeds
Spinach, Monnopa OG, Packet 250 seeds
Cucumber, Early Fortune OG, Packet 25 seeds
Pepper, Quadrato Asti Giallo , Packet 50 seeds
Pepper, Santa Fe Grande , Packet 50 seeds
Onion, Long Red Florence , Packet 100 seeds
Squash, Golden Zucchini , Packet 25 seeds
Tomato, Brandywine OG, Packet 25 seeds
Carrot, St. Valery , Packet 250 seeds

Gardening is a matter of your enthusiasm holding up until your back gets used to it.
~Author Unknown

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